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Discover all the materials that will be used for the construction of this development of 23 homes, as well as the different spaces that each home will have.



The project includes a reinforced concrete foundation, concrete frame and slab structure, inverted roofs with extruded polystyrene insulation, facades with a rendered finish and air chamber, and lacquered aluminum carpentry with motorized roller blinds.


The foundation will be made up of reinforced concrete elements and the perimeter earth containment of the basement will be carried out using diaphragm walls and reinforced concrete walls according to the results of the geotechnical study, according to current regulations and technical building code (CTE).

The structure will be built using reinforced concrete frames, forged in situ and a lightened concrete vault.


To guarantee the best thermal insulation and impermeability, the flat roofs will be inverted with insulation with rigid extruded polystyrene sheets, a waterproof sheet and finished with ceramic paving on the private terraces.

The finish of the non-trafficable areas will be gravel and in the traversable areas the flooring will be non-slip ceramic


The façade with a plastered exterior finish in different colors with an air chamber that maximizes thermal-acoustic comfort and energy savings inside the homes by avoiding thermal bridges and reducing the home’s energy demand.


The window carpentry will be made of lacquered aluminum with thermal break, monoblock type.

The glazing of all windows will be “Climalit” type. Roller blinds with lacquered aluminum slats with injected insulation will be installed, allowing total darkening in the rest rooms. 

Motorized blinds in all rooms.

Interior finishes

The interior of the houses will have laminated plasterboard partitions with thermal and acoustic insulation, armored security doors and wooden or lacquered interior doors. The built-in modular wardrobes will have the same finish as the doors and the floors will be high-quality porcelain tiles. The bathrooms will be tiled with top quality stoneware, false laminated plasterboard ceilings will be installed throughout the home and the remaining walls and ceilings will be painted in smooth paint.


The interior divisions of the home will be made using a laminated plasterboard partition system fixed by metal profiles with thermal and acoustic insulation of mineral wool.

In humid areas the laminated gypsum board will be water resistant. The separation between homes and between homes and common areas will be made using a sheet of perforated brick backed with laminated plasterboard, with thermal and acoustic insulation of mineral wool inside the homes.


The access door to the home will be armored with a three-point security lock and finished in natural or lacquered wood.
The interior doors are finished in wood or pantographed white lacquer, with acoustic weather stripping.
The hardware, handles and handles will be matte chrome.


High-quality porcelain flooring will be installed throughout the interior home.

The exteriors will be finished in large-format porcelain with its corresponding C3 anti-slip treatment, according to CTE regulations. The plinths will be lacquered in white to match the doors.


The bathrooms, both main and secondary, will be tiled with top quality stoneware.

False ceiling with laminated plasterboard will be placed throughout the home.
The walls and ceilings of the rest of the house and those of the kitchen will be painted in smooth paint, a color to be defined by the project management.

KITCHEN and bathrooms

A space to create and share. Simple, clean and neutral lines for a space that meets the high demands of today’s families: design, functionality and resistance.


High quality kitchen furniture. 16mm thick doors and shelves covered with synthetic laminate on all sides and edges.

The sides are provided with holes to adjust the height of the shelves and the doors with soft-closing hinges.


The home is delivered with Teka brand appliances. Built-in electric oven, with glass front and electric programmer, built-in microwave with glass front, stainless steel extractor hood, induction hob and dishwasher integrated into the furniture.


All the taps in the home will be from the Grohe brand. In showers it will be thermostatic, while in bathtubs, kitchens, sinks and bidets it will be low-flow single-lever. The homes will have a general shut-off valve and an independent shut-off valve in the kitchen and bathrooms.


Bathroom furniture from the Salgar brand, Attila model, 80 cm wide in anthracite gray with porcelain countertop and mirror with LED lighting.

The toilet and bidet are from the Roca brand, The Gap model.

facilities and comfort

The homes are equipped with efficient air conditioning systems, complete electrical installations with video intercom, low-consumption exterior lighting, and modern plumbing systems that include well-equipped bathrooms and water points on terraces.


The air conditioning installation will be carried out using a heat pump and distribution through ducts in a false ceiling, with supply grilles in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. There will be a room thermostat in the living room.

An individual gas boiler system will be installed for the production of heating and domestic hot water, with the contribution of solar energy through solar collectors on the roof.
The homes will have modular injected aluminum radiators, with thermostatic valves in bedrooms that allow individualized control of the room temperature.
The bathrooms will have a radiator.


The installation of telecommunications according to the common infrastructure regulations of

Telecommunications installation according to the telecommunications infrastructure regulations. Includes RTV television outlets in the bedrooms and the living room.

Each home has the installation of a video intercom at the entrance with automatic opening of the exterior door.

The outdoor areas will have Low Energy Consumption lamps. The garage will have pre-installation of solar panels and charging for electric vehicles according to current regulations.


The pipes will be made of insulated cross-linked polyethylene, taking advantage of its resistance to any type of water, its low roughness and its lower thermal conductivity compared to metals such as copper.

The sanitation installation will be made of PVC. The downpipes will be soundproof. In the main bathroom, a double sink and a vanity unit will be installed.

The sanitary fixtures will be white. In addition, the main bathroom will have a large format shower tray. The secondary bathroom comes equipped with

The terraces and private outdoor spaces on the ground floor will have water intakes.

Garage and storage room

The garage of the homes will have a mechanized door with remote control and polished concrete pavement. A fire protection system will be installed in accordance with current regulations. In addition, each home will have a storage room attached to the garage, also with polished concrete flooring and a fire protection system.


The access door to the garage will be mechanized with a remote control.
The interior floor of the garage is made of continuous polished quartz concrete.

Installation of Fire Protection according to Current Regulations.


Annexed to the garage, each home has a large capacity storage room.
The interior flooring of the storage room is made of continuous quartz-polished concrete. Installation of Fire Protection according to Current Regulations.

Blanka Residencial
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